IT and digital solutions

IT and handheld digital tools that streamline tasks are already common in many companies. The digitization of work is going to go even faster in the coming years and become an even sharper competitive parameter for efficiency initiatives.

We offer several solutions. Online IT-based QHSE management system based on IT platform from our partner Qualiware and digital workflows workflow-to-go® developed by our partner newish. SimplexUno is selected partner for workflow-to-go®.

In addition, we advise the construction industry around BIM (Building Information Modeling.

In collaboration with our IT partner in Denmark ComVis Management, we can develop customized solutions in software and database development.


Workflow-to-go® is a handheld digital solution that serves as both a communication and tracking tool. Workflows are digital and displayed on a smartphone or tablet. Helps employees to do the work right where they are - without interruption.

Workflow-to-go® makes it possible to create synchronized behaviour in the workplace and ensure that work is done most effectively.

Workflow-to-go® forces execution and ensure that your core processes are optimized and uniform and that you can easily find causes of problems and opportunities for further optimization.

How it works:

  • The employee scans a QR code (Quick Response) installed at the work site.
  • The workflow that resides on a server, then come up on the employee's smartphone / tablet, which subsequently gives the user the necessary guidelines.
  • The system is suitable for both Apple and Android.
  • A workflow can consist of: instruction (word / pdf), images, pdf, html, video instruction, checkboxes (eg documentation for work done)

We offer:

  • We assist you defining your roles (eg. Operator, chief operating officer, security officer etc.). Next, you must decide what information each role would receive for a given QR code.
  • We adapt your workflow to the system and identify the necessary elements for your workflow, so you can be up and running in a matter of a few days.
  • We can also help you to produce the necessary elements, such as video instructions etc.
  • We train you how to manage the very user-friendly administration module (back bone) which only requires Internet access.



Online management system, digital workflows and BIM 

Online QHSE Management System

The time is past when management system were documents in the file folder. IT-based online solutions where everyone has access regardless of where you are, is the optimal solution.
It enhances the usability and functionality and makes updates much easier. The management system collects strategies, goals, organizational structure, policies, processes and procedures in one system with a user-friendly portal front.
We use the IT platform from our partner Qualiware which is very graphic and can be adapted to any company's specific needs. Combine the system with the operational and handheld system workflow-to-go, you have, in our opinion a very strong solution that will animate employees to use it daily and benefit from it.

We offer:

  • Mapping your internal processes.
  • Status of your organizational structure.
  • Determining your overall Enterprise Architecture (EA).
  • Determination of the system functionality.
  • Design of the system portal front.
  • Overall process structure. The main processes, sub-processes and workflows.
  • Definition of roles and process managers.
  • Setup and modeling of your processes in Qualiware Business Modeler.
  • Implementation of online system in cooperation with your IT dept. We install and commission the system on your server or as a cloud solution. Establishes gateways etc.
  • Training of employees in the management system.
  • Courses for power users / administrators.
  • Maintenance of management system.
  • IT support and service subscription.