Quality and Efficiency

"Quality is about people" is our slogan.

The employees' behaviour in interaction with efficient processes, adequate skills / resources and the right IT tools are essential for any organization's ability to perform at a high level.

Quality Management is very much about managing the factors that influence an employee’s approach and output.

An online Management System will give you a powerful tool that provides overview and clarity. It will result in the employees being more focused and motivated.

We leverage your organization to take full advantage of your potential and lead you unscathed through an ISO 9001 certification.



Lean is an exercise leading to the reduction of all types of waste. In other words, trimming and streamlining of business processes.

We are specialists in Lean Manufacturing  and Lean Administrations of enterprises and public organizations. Our efforts and results are measurable and ROI (Return Of Investment) and value creation can be documented.

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Online Management Systems

We conduct the planning, development and implementation of your Quality Management System to meet the requirements of ISO 9001.

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lean, lean management, lean i produktion, kanban, kaizen, mura, muda, mira, flemming rindshøj, six sigma

Lean and process efficiency

We streamline your business and production processes. Value Stream Mapping focuses on the potential for improvement and lean/Six Sigma projects ensures process optimization and reduction of waste.


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ekstern audit, ekstern audit kursus, leverandøraudit, auditorkursus, flemming rindshøj

Value-added audits

An experienced and objective view at your business processes with focus on improvement. We know where to create the most value and how to meet requirements of standards. We also facilitate Management's Evaluation.

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målstyring, performance management, mbo, management by objectives, kpi, key performance indicator, målstyringsprojekt

Performance Management - Management by Objectives

We ensure coherence between the management's overall mission, and the strategies and goals set up for the organization.

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