Environment, Health and Safety and CSR

Environmental management (resources, chemicals, emmisioner etc.), health and safety management (safety, well-being, risk assessment, etc.) and social responsibility / CSR (Human Rights, in working conditions, sustainability, etc.) are closely related and often part of an overall management system.

We help you develop and implement your systems, including setting up action plans, develop and implement procedures, train employees and get it all put into your existing management system or a new system of governance based on the basis of our IT platform.

If you wish to become Certified by one of nedeståpende standards, we will help you through the entire process from start to finish.

  • Environmental management: ISO 114001
  • Safety Management OHSAS 18001
  • Corporate Social Responsibility ISO 26000/DS 49001 
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Environmental Management System

Words like "sustainability" and "green energy" makes sense for many businesses and can also involve good economy. We develop and implement your Environmental Management System from scratch and leads you toward a possible ISO 14001 - certification.

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csr, corporate social resposibillity, social ansvarlighed, bæredygtig ledelse, simplexuno, flemming rindshøj

Corporate Social Responsibillity (CSR)

Corporate Social Responsibillity (CSR)
CSR is a growing competition parameter. You should demonstrate that you master good management, business conduct, ensure human rights, good labor conditions, environmental conditions, consumer affairs and local community development and involvement.

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arbejdsmiljø, arbejdsmiljøledelse, arbejdsmiljø i byggeriet, simplexuno, arbejdsmiljøledelsessystem, ohsas 18001, sikkerhed i byggeriet

Health and Safety

Safety Management enables a company to manage risk and improve its safety performance. A healthy work environment allows employees to thrive and thus they become a value-added asset to the company.

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