Construction industry in Denmark and Poland

We have a special focus on the construction industry and has extensive knowledge of the industry in both Denmark and Poland. It makes us a strong partner when eg Danish construction companies want to find a Polish partner / supplier, or a Polish construction company wishing to establish themselves in Denmark with a Danish business partner.

Based on our skills in export / import, business development, optimization of management systems and construction processes, quality and environmental control, we are a strong partner both in the boot process and later as a advisor.

Additionally, we offer industry-specific IT-based management systems and solutions for the digital construction processes.

Polish suppliers

Through our extensive network in Poland, we find your supplier of building materials or products. It requires local knowledge to find the right quality and conduct a succesfull negotiation of prices and delivery terms.

We offer:

  • identification of supplier and materials / products complying with regulations and standards
  • establishment of the procurement function in Poland
  • logistics / shipping 
  • quality control and supplier audits acc. ISO 9001 / ISO 14001
  • supplier care

Lean Construction

We streamline your design, project planning and building process through the development and implementation of Lean Construction. We advise you how to achieve a significant cost reduction by decreasing the waste in your processes.

Waste types are:

  • Wasted time / waiting
  • Redundant workflows
  • Consequences of miscalculations and invalid drawings / instructions
  • Delayed deliveries
  • Consequences of errors in construction / construction and materials
  • Consequences of defects in materials
  • For long travel times and high inventory levels
  • Redundant material and resources

Check out more about our lean offer here.

Contractors and suppliers

We connect Polish and Danish construction industry

Business partner /JV

We identify your Polish subcontractor or JV partner. Take advantage of our extensive network to find a financially solid and quality conscious construction company preferably with construction experience from Scandinavia.

We offer:

  • Identification and selection
  • Facilitation of contact meetings
  • Preparing your partner to enter the Danish market
  • Support for start-up and construction projects in Denmark
  • Education in Danish culture, language, laws and standards

BIM and digitalization

Digitization of the entire construction process is gaining ground both in Denmark and Poland. BIM (Building Information Modelling) is required by many public tenders. We advise and ensure effective preparation and implementation of BIM.

We also offer a powerful solution for digitizing workflows using. Tablets developed by a Danish IT company.

Workflow-to-go® is a user-friendly solution where engineers and craftsmen can get digital work instructions, safety instructions, instruction manuals, control plans, etc. directly on a tablet or smartphone as text,  picture or video.

The system can easily adapt to many different users on several levels in the organization and it's controlled from a very user-friendly back bone.

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