Environmental Management System


Environmental legislation is becoming more and more consistent and almost every day we see new measures to enhance the protection of the environment.
Along with a growing concern among stakeholders about environmental issues and sustainable development, it gives rise to companies and public organizations are increasingly concerned with achieving and demonstrating sound environmental performance.

This objective can be achieved by having control of its environmental, products and services in accordance with an agreed environmental policy. All summarized in an ISO 14001 environmental Management System.
Environmental Management is also good economics. Through targeted action plans to reduce energy consumption and by substitute your dangerous substances with environmentally friendly alternatives, you get focused on the optimum for both the environment and the bottom line at once.



  • Mapping of current environmental conditions.
  • Determination of the overall Environmental Policy.
  • GAB analysis. Status relative to the target (eg. DS / EN ISO 14001:2004)
  • Project. Planning, development and implementation of Environmental Management System.
  • Development and implementation of online Environmental Management System.
  • Development of processes and procedures. 
  • Communication Tools. Visible and simple communication to Management, employees and stakeholders.



  • Facilitate management's evaluation of the integration of the environmental management system performance.
  • Planning and conducting internal audits and follow-up on results.
  • Preparation for certification according to DS / EN ISO 14001:2004 by DANAK accredited certification body.
  • Your options for public subsidies for energy savings. We establish contact with the external advisor of your choice.
  • Course: Environmental Management System and ISO 14001.