Management Systems


The organization must know the company's strategies and goals to be able to pursue them and continuously know it’s status on progress.

A management system is the organization's collection of strategies, objectives, procedures, regulatory requirements, etc.

In a correctly built system, it is precisely the information that the management and employees need to meet the management's expectations.

The management system creates systematics and an internal overview, and empowers external targeting.

At the same time, customers and partners have access to necessary information such as vision, goals, policies and statements regarding environmental issues and social responsibility.

We develop industry specific management systems, both as stand-alone solutions and as part of an integrated Management System, including e.g. Quality, Safety, Environment and CSR).

The systems focus on the client's requirements, but common to most solutions is customer focus and focus on continuous improvement and employee involvement.

In combination with the app workflow-to-go for smartphones / tablets, we can ensure that employees will never miss instructions and information when they are in a real work situation, both in the office and outside of it.

Systems can be developed to meet the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, and other International Standards.



In combination with the app for smartphones / tablets workflow-to-go, we can ensure that employees never missing instruction and information when they are in a real work situation in the company or in the field.   

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The management system contributes to:

  • create an overview and clarity for employees
  • realize the strategy and business goals
  • support focus on business development and value creation
  • support optimization of operations
  • systematize knowledge sharing
  • ensure effective communication
  • meet regulatory requirements and essential contract requirements
  • ensure a consistent level of quality of products



We place great emphasis on management systems being durable, easy-to-use and flexible. It should be easy to maintain and upgrade the system.

That is why we have chosen to base our online solutions on an IT platform from Qualiware - Life Cycle Manager. On the basis of Qualiware Integration Server and Cloud, we can create web-based solutions for most needs.

We are most often based on a one-size-fits-all-solution, but we frequently develop industry-specific solutions tailored for the customer.

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