Performance Management


A company gets motivated and committed employees and thus value creation, when top Management show leadership and provide direction for the organization.

Management should formulate a clear link between the company's mission and strategy and operational objectives for each employee.

Management should in other words foster awareness among employees about both the company's visionary and explicit goals and let these efforts go hand in hand with management's other initiatives in order to motivate and engage employees.


The process


  • Analysis and mapping using the interview and web-based analysis tool.
  • Confirmation of the company's vision, mission and strategy. We are challenging the Management.
  • Selection of the most appropriate targets (SMART goals/Key Performance Indicators (KPI). 
  • Involvement of Managers and staff in workshops.
  • Preparation of action plans/project management.
  • How to communicate vision, strategy and objectives for the organization and stakeholders?
  • Visual presentation/communication of progress/results.
  • Instruments to consolidate and maintain the momentum of the Management and among employees.
  • Implementation
  • Evaluation



MBO principles


Management by Objects is a process in which employees are involved to set objectives for themselves and select the procedure to follow. This means they are also more likely to live up to their responsibilities.

Another important part of MBO is measurement and comparison of the employees' actual results with established standards.

We will help you throughout the process of mapping, analysis, interviews, workshops, define the objectives and deployment.

You will in the end have selected the most suitable key performance indicators (KPI) that can contribute to reach your targets.