Lean og Six Sigma


Efficiency in production, service and administration.

Lean is about creating more value with fewer resources. Increase productivity and customer satisfaction through reduction of the lead time and reduce waste.

Understand what creates value for the customer and focus on the value chain.

Six Sigma is a second method to implement relevant improvement projects on the basis of knowledge to the needs of the customer.

Six Sigma is about to know the capabillity and variables in your production or process and reduce the variation of these. Focus is directed toward achieving improvements through decisions based on objective measurements.

Our specialists will lead you safely through your Lean or Six Sigma project from start to finish.


Principles and services


Lean principles

The 5 Lean principles are basic principles when introducing Lean in all types of businesses / organizations. 

  1. Identify the value-adding activities
  2. Map the value stream and reduce the activities that do not create value for customers (remove waste)
  3. Create flow in the value stream, such that the services / products flowing through the processes with minimum stopping and responsibilities change.
  4. Make production controlled so that it is always the internal or external customer who with their needs determines what to produce and when.
  5. Mobilise the entire organization, and strive for perfection by providing the skills to implement continuous improvement (kaizen).


Six Sigma principles
Six Sigma is about reducing variation in a process.
Showing you measurements from a process / production as a normal distribution, it is about pursuing such a small degree of variation as possible

One way to get through a Six Sigma process is using the project model DMAIC.

The method requires top management support, as well as to ensure consistency between the company's strategic objectives and the projects being worked on.



DMAIC - method:

DEFINE Define and demarcation project.
MEASURE Collection of data from the baseline.
ANALYSIS Analyze data.
IMPROVE Ask diagnosis - Decide the medicine.
CONTROL Did the "medecine" work?

Our services.
A combination of both methods may be the right option in some cases.
We can provide assistance and support services to your own Lean or Six Sigma project.

  • Training and preparation of management and employees.
  • Implementation of the project process adapted to your exact situation and organization.
  • Methods and IT solutions for the collection, analysis and dissemination of data.
  • Follow-up and maintenance of improvements.