Management Systems QHSE & CSR

It is critical to an organization's ability to perform at a high level, that all employees know his goals are part of efficient work processes, have sufficient skills / resources and access to necessary IT tools.

A management system gathers and disseminates the information that employees need to meet management's expectations. It also gives customers and partners the information necessary, for example visions and goals.

We design, develop implement and maintain integrated online management systems within eg quality, environment, occupational health and CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility).

We develop industry-specific solutions, streamlines existing solutions and coordinate systems across companies and countries.


Quality - ISO 9001

A company's work processes are crucial to how effective the company operates and the degree to reach its strategic objectives and deliver the quality agreed with the customer. A quality management system is the organization's collection of strategies, policies, SMART goals / KPIs, organizational structure, process descriptions, procedures, instructions, records and regulatory requirements. It may also include the company's complaint processing and document management etc.

We assess your work processes and focus on how best to develop employees' performance to achieve corporate goals.

We harmonize and implement common standards for Danish and Polish collaborators.

The management systems comply with the principle requirements of ISO 9,001th

Our offer:

  • Survey of the current status in relation to ISO 9001 (GAB analysis).
  • Mapping your internal processes and their effectiveness (Value Stream Mapping).
  • Definition of roles and responsibilities and competences for process responsible.
  • Preparation of quality strategy, policies and objectives.
  • Preparation of work procedures and instructions.
  • Review and audit of completed system
  • Facilitation of the management review
  • Intro courses for management and employees
  • Preparation for ISO 9001 certification

Health & Safety - OHSAS 18001

Health and safety management (H&S management) enables your organization to manage risk and improve your work performance. A healthy working environment allows employees to thrive and thus they become a value-added asset to the company.

The working environment in the company or organization must be mapped. Then an assessment and prioritization of the effort is required.

We help to develop your health and safety policy, set goals, develop action plans and implement procedures. We also ensure that your system takes into account a reasonable balance between a good safety and health practices and economic objectives.

Our offer:

  •  Development and implementation of health and safety management system according to DS / OHSAS 18001: 2008.
  •  Preparing your H&S management system for OHSAS 18001 certification or brush-up prior to the semi-annual verification by the certification body.
  •  Audit of the working environment at all levels, incl. report.
  •  Advice about working conditions/health & safety.
  •  Advice about safety on the workplace/construction site.
  •  Satisfaction Study. Web-based tool that continuously measure the "pulse" of well-being in your company.




Manage your processes

Quality, Environment, Health & Safety and CSR

Environment - ISO 14001

Sustainability and green energy make sense for many companies and also involve good economy.

The purpose of environmental management is to manage processes to achieve cost savings through resource efficiency, lower energy and water consumption, less waste, recovery of valuable by-products, reduction of hazardous substances and prevention of the negative environmental impacts of chemicals, air emissions and noise.

We design and implement your environmental processes and create your environmental action plans. We advise you about the choice of preventive measures and regulatory compliance.

We implement it all into an user-friendly and easy to management system. 

If you wish to become certified according to ISO 14001we will help you through the entire process.

Our offer:

  • Mapping of current environmental status - GAB analysis
  • Determining the overall environmental objectives and policies.
  • Project management. Planning, development and implementation of environmental management system.
  • Preparation of environmental processes and procedures.
  • Anchoring of the environmental management system in the organization.
  • Facilitation of the management review.
  • Planning and execution of internal audit according to ISO 14001.
  • Preparation for certification (ISO 14001).
  • Mapping of your options for government grants for energy savings.

CSR - ISO 26000

Private companies and public organizations are increasingly concerned with achieving and demonstrating social responsibility in connection with their activities, products and services. CSR include good governance, human rights, labor, environmental issues, business rules, consumer affairs, local community development and involvement.

The value of integrated CSR:

  • Make decisions based on a better understanding of society's expectations
  • Improve the organization's risk management
  • Improve the organization's reputation and gain greater public trust.
  • Strengthen relationships with stakeholders and prevent or limit potential conflicts about the activities and products.
  • Improve employee health and safety and strengthen the ability to recruit, motivate and retain employees
  • Achieve cost savings through increased productivity and resource efficiency, lower energy and water consumption, less waste, recovery of valuable by-products and increased availability of raw materials
  • Gain competitive advantage by providing access to new markets and new opportunities for innovation
  • Strengthen the ability to demonstrate performance against social responsibility

Our offer:

  • Survey of current status = status in relation to ISO 2600?
  • Determination of the overall objective and policies.
  • Defining CSR policies.
  • Preparation of CSR processes and procedures.
  • Consultancy on internal and external communication tools.
  • Planning and implementation of internal audits and follow-up on results.
  • Preparing for ISO 26000 certification.