Business case: Business development - Polish wholesaler on Danish market

In February 2015 SimplexUno got the task of conducting business development and prepare entry into the Danish market for a Polish wholesaler.


Our client is a Polish wholesaler of household appliances, audio, etc.
Detailed description follows when the task is completed.






The customer is a Polish wholesaler of audio and household appliances for cooking, cleaning and personal care. All products are mid-range to high-end products.
The customer has through the years, had success in several European countries e.g. Poland, Germany and Spain. Now they want to enter the Scandinavian market.

The task

Our task is to prepare an entrance strategy and partially participate in the execution.

The task:

  • Identify sales channels and potential customers.
  • Define a product portfolio suitable for the Danish/Scandinavian market.
  • Advise about Danish regislation, business culture and marketing strategy.
  • Undertake various translation tasks.
  • Establish a sales function in Denmark.

The work

The project is ongoing and a more detailed description follows when the project is completed.