Business case: Polish business partner for Danish construction company

In December 2014 SimplexUno got the task of finding a Polish partner and subcontractor to a Danish construction company.


Our client is a Danish contractor. The full description follows when the project is completed.







The client has success in the Danish market and is expanding rapidly in recent years. They want to improve its operating margin and partly to expand its capabilities and increase the possibility of bidding for major projects by having a strong, finacial solid and competent partner. The business partner should apart from contributing resources for building projects also increase the possibility of bonds, warranties and guarantees relating to bids on construction projects.

The task

The client wants to expand its activities in Denmark by working with a financially solid and quality-conscious. construction company from Poland. The partner shall be initially included as a subcontractor on construction projects in Denmark, which cooperation can be expanded gradually.

In addition, the task consisted in identifying and initiate cooperation with a number of Polish suppliers of building materials and products.

The work

The process:

  • Identifying and assessing potential partners and suppliers in Poland.
  • Prepare and facilitate the process including arranging and facilitating meetings between client and partner/suppliers.
  • Prepare the cooperation including compliance regarding both parties requirements and expectations, legislation, standards etc.

The project is ongoing. Further description follows when the task is completed.