AL Bank headquarter - Copenhagen

Refurbishment project - AL Bank headquarters, Vesterbrogade 5 - in the heart of Copenhagen.

The 12-storey modernist building from 1950-52, known as the Panoptikon building, was designed by architects Mogens Jacobsen and Alex Poulsen.

The project included the design, production and assembly of steel balustrades, as well as the delivery of automatic controlled sun screens

Approx. 280 meters of stainless steel steel balustrades with transparent safety glass was monted on the top 4 floors, as well as the roof top. All steel structures were manufactured at the factory and transported in sections of approx. 3 m., After which it was welded and assembled at the floors.

We re-used the existing steel pipes for fixing on the columns. The construction at the roof was reinforced in compared to the architectural project, due to the wind load and the desire for a slope of the glass of approx. 10º.

The project was completed in 3 stages and each time completed before the deadline.

In addition, we delivered approx. 400 pcs. sun protection of the types Markisolette MR120 and ZIIP120 (screen). All with Somfy engine, and automatic control via roof wind gauge.



Main contractor        Adserballe & Knudsen A/S

Sub-contractor    SimplexUno ApS

Investor                     AL Bank

Architect                  TNT Arkitekter

Responsible  Flemming Rindshøj

Contract sum   Approx. 2.1 mio. DKK

Execution  November 2015   - juni 2016